The Directors of CSK Strategies are Chris Khamis and Brenda Addison. Adam Carey is an Associate Director.

CSK Strategies emerged in 2006 from CSR Partnership, a consultancy company that made a significant impact on regeneration policy and practice for nine years. Chris Khamis was a founding Director of CSR Partnership in 1997 and has transferred its approach and values to CSK Strategies.

The way we work is unique. CSK Strategies works with a network of consultants and companies who collaborate with us to create effective teams that make a difference for people and places. Our core team of consultants have front-line experience of senior management in economic development and regeneration.

The scope of our work is national, and focused on Economic Development and Regeneration, and wider public service management. Within this field we are multi-skilled and can bridge and connect disciplines such as Education, Employment, Health, Housing and Business Development.

We work with leading public sector agencies, local authorities, regeneration partnerships, voluntary sector organisations and the private sector.

The assignments we carry out include programme and project evaluations, strategic action planning, project and commissioning design, training and partnership development, scoping studies and other research.

A large part of our work takes place within and alongside black and minority ethnic communities. We are committed to equality and anti-racism, and within our projects we take a positive and proactive approach to diversity and social justice. We strive to build consultancy teams that reflect this commitment, in terms of their ethnic diversity and their experience of working and living in multi-ethnic communities.