CSK Strategies is a small company with a big reach. We can reach out across the country and bring together specialist teams of consultants with diverse skills. In this way, we create for our clients a consultancy team that will perfectly match their brief.

We have a network of experienced consultants who work with us, and join us to create custom-made teams. Some members of our network have their own consultancy companies, all of them have a strong and successful history of work in their fields.

Our Vision

CSK Strategies is a business that is intent on bringing about real social and economic advance. We work to capture the interaction between people, organisations and places. We use what we have captured to transform lives.

Our Values Reflect …

  • our concern to create positive futures for people and communities.
  • our commitment to working with clients to realise opportunities and make real and positive changes happen.
  • our belief in the need to be rooted in reality while maintaining a big vision.
  • our commitment to the production of high level policy research and evaluation reports that contribute to sustainable and effective strategies and practice.

Our Approach Is To…

  • work close to our clients, providing a strong people focus.
  • apply local knowledge, researching carefully and learning quickly
  • promote joined up thinking – making links
  • use multi-disciplinary teams
  • focus on action, to make a difference
  • provide practical solutions based on solid evidence

We Are Known For….

  • our thoroughness and quality
  • our practical approach
  • being solution-focused
  • our ability to engage all partners, from the ground up

Our Vision, Values and Approach are underpinned by our Equal Opportunities Policy which informs our working practice.