brenda1Brenda Addison has worked in consultancy for six years, the last three as Director of CSK Strategies. She has contributed her wide experience of education and training to numerous regeneration assignments, enabling evaluators, programme designers and project deliverers to place leaning and skills firmly within a regeneration and renewal context. In recent months she has undertaken evaluations of SRB programmes and the evaluation of a mainstreaming partnership of an EQUAL programme. She has also worked with area-based teams and residents, providing performance management training, undertaking consultations for neighbourhood action plans, and running focus groups as part of the HMRA planning process. Her skills have also been used by clients in a more general education and training setting, with consultancy contracts relating to education and training in the statutory and voluntary sectors. She is a practiced researcher and interviewer, having qualified in research methods in education and the social sciences. Underpinning all of Brenda’s work and contributing to the success of it, is her commitment to equality, diversity and anti-racism.

Brenda has senior management experience in education and training, having worked in all phases from Primary to Higher Education. She has particular experience of Community Education and work with adult learners, having managed flexible community-based provision in a number of locations. Her work in regeneration has involved her in programmes from City Challenge to New Deal for Communities, SRB and Neighbourhood Management. As the Chair of Governors of her local secondary school in Handsworth, Birmingham, she is able to keep up to date with issues relating to education and young people.

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